Why is my MacBook 12 inch A1534 not charging?

Do you know why my new battery is not charging and how to fix it?

I have installed a new battery, then first connected with a 5 watt iPhone charger. Subsequently, charged it with my MacBook charger to 100%. The charger was working normally. For calibration I drained the battery by normal usage until the Mac fell asleep. Five hours later I connected the charger, nothing happens. When I push the power button, the low battery symbol is shown with the symbol I should charge. Also tried SMC reset.

My second new battery is having exact the same problem. After battery drainage, when the 5 watt iPhone charger is connected, the battery led on the motherboard is on. As soon as I remove the 5 watt iPhone charger, the led turns off. When I connect my regular MacBook charger, the led does not turn on.

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