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Guides for Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen Chromebooks with Intel processors. Models with AMD chips are very similar, however MediaTek models are entirely different. These guides will not work for models with MediaTek chips.

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How do I bypass admin security on the Lenovo Chromebook 300e 2nd MTK

I’ve tried looking up many different ways, all leading to different answers

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My chromebook has an admin on it, how do I remove it?

I’ve already beaten this horse into glue, which has since been dry for years. It can’t be done as it is based on the S/N of the Chromebook.

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you are incorrect lol


@ssgnova Do you have some actual knowledge to contribute, or do you just like telling people they're wrong? Put up or shut up.


@ssgnova Unless you can find a way to reset the S/N on the newer units (read: post "CR-48"), it can't be done... by ANYONE. The admin tie is in the cloud, tied to the S/N of the Chromebook. The write protect CLI plug is dead.

If it can be "hacked", it's EOL at this stage! I'm willing to acknowledge it can be done on "CR-48" ARM units (not how), but anything like the "CR-49" and newer generation units are locked down against the S/N CLI bypass.


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