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Information and repair instructions for Hotpoint Refrigerator

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Fridge freezer compressor starts but shuts down in seconds


I have a Hotpoint fridge freezer FFP187MP which came in the flat I bought. Initially, this fridge was working well, however, when the door of the fridge was opened the lights would flicker 3-4 times with a clicking noise, before staying on.

Recently I noticed the compressor comes on for a few seconds, then the same loud clicking noise happens and the compressor shuts down. After a few minutes, it happens again.

I also noticed that, at night, the compressor seems to run for longer, hence the freezer is working alright (food still is frozen), but the fridge temperature is higher than it should be.

I bought a starter relay and, funny enough, replacing it didn’t help. So I switched back to the old one as it seems to be more stable (could the new part be faulty?).

Has anyone experienced this before? I watched too many youtube videos now and wonder if it’s the evaporator fan, or thermostat, or even the control board that is failing.


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I fixed it this weekend. First I tried to replace the two capacitors on the pcb board, but that didn’t work. Either my soldering skills were not perfect or another component was faulty. Then the new board that I ordered on Amazon arrived and after replacing it, the fridge works perfectly.

So it was the board.

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