Reassembly problem with ground ring/power supply

So, in a gaming-induced outburst, I may have slightly slammed my mouse down on a hard table (no mousepad) - just the once. It immediately lost power as per the LED and after gutting it completely, we have the following album.

  • Picture 1 is the USB entry point. No discernible problem.
  • Picture 2 is the optical PCB (face down in the mouse but face up for clarity here) with the corresponding screw points
  • Picture 3 is the base of the mouse with all screw points visible (as best as I could get)
  • Picture 4 is a close-up of the grounding ring (which appeared to be "loose" when I opened it up, but I have no idea where it's originally meant to be. It fits exactly over each of the 3 screw positions highlighted in #2 and I tried putting it back together with the grounding ring underneath one of said screws but it still wasn't working. I also wasn't entirely sure if the copper wire barely visible was correctly placed but assumed as long as it was touching the ring, it was fine.

I’m far from an expert but given the instant power loss, would I be right in thinking it was because the grounding ring had become displaced?

Many thanks.

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