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Repair and troubleshooting information for the HP Envy x360 m6-w laptop computer.

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Hinge repair for hp envy x360

Can I tighten the hinges to my hp envy x360 on my own or is it an hp issue?

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The problem with a lot of consumer laptops from HP is loose hinges are usually caused by the LCD housing being fatigued, and the plastic standoffs may be physically loose/failing so check for that to quickly know for sure - this is not an HP issue; rather a consumer grade issue. But yes, HP seems to be worse then others. That said, you can usually check the screws on the palmrest, and LCD assembly as well as it can sometimes be a tightness issue.

If it’s okay and it continues to be an issue, the hinges are wearing out. Tightening them will help, but it’s better to replace them with new ones at that point. Refer to the HP service manual for disassembly instructions.

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