Top screen broken, but neither screen turns on.

First of all, this 3ds xl has been broken for close to 8 years. I’m only asking this question now because I’m only now trying to repair it. When I first broke it, the only problem I could discern was a broken top screen, but the screens were both all black even though the blue power light was on (the speakers also wouldn’t make any sound, so I’m pretty sure the device just didn’t work). I figured that was a 3ds quirk (because I had broken a dsi’s top screen before and that dsi still worked) and I have since bought another 3ds xl. I recently looked up how to fix the screen because I want to use it again, and I noticed that the broken screens in tutorials still turn on. I have already disassembled the 3ds in preparing to replace the screen, and I haven’t noticed anything else visibly wrong with it. The 3ds hasn’t had a charge in years, so I haven’t tried turning it on, but I have tried numerous times in the past so I know that doesn’t work. Is there any other reason the device shouldn’t work or should I just replace the broken screen?

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