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Repair guides and support for the first generation of Sony's RX100 high-end compact camera with a 20.2 MP sensor. The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 was released in June 2012.

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How to fix scratches in paint and in screen

There are many small scratches in the screen and paint of this camera.

  1. How could I fix the scratches in the paint? (I’m thinking either a car touch up paint, or taping the buttons and screen and spray painting it.) Would one of these work better or should I do something else.


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  1. And how could I fix the scratches on the screen? The screen still works, so I wouldn’t have to replace it but is there a way just to polish it out?


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Thank You So Much!

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Hei, at work we use touch up markers, matte, semi-glossy and glossy.

For the screen I don't remember what material it is, but if it's polycarbonate you could try plastx or even better Novus plastic polisher, eventually you could just replace the glass if it is glass.

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