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Released September 16, 2016. Model 1660, 1778 Available as GSM or CDMA / 32, 128 or 256 GB / Rose gold, gold, silver, black, and jet black.

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iPhone - calls don't work, text and data OK. Specific to sim and phone

Hi, I'm having a real head-scratcher after trying every troubleshooting option under the sun..

Basically, I've ported my number from another phone provider. I received their sim card and it doesn't make or receive calls (data and text are OK), and the reception is quite sketchy.

But here's the weird part: when I test the new sim in another phone - the sim can make calls fine, so the sim works. Then, when I try another sim in my phone, that sim can make calls. So the phone works OK...

For whatever reason, this specific phone providers sim in this specific phone can't make calls, and has trouble finding reception.

I've called apple, the phone hardware got a green light after a diagnostic. I've reset network settings, reset the entire phone, I've bought a brand new replacement sim, the phone isn't locked - all leaves me with the same issue.

I'm wondering whether something when wrong in the porting process, or something on my phone isn't written correctly as it relates to this specific provider. My provider is looking into it now

Appreciate any help as I'm all out of normal troubleshooting options.

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This could be either due to carrier or the phone, or both.

Likely scenario 1:

  • Carrier do not support VoLTE, or the service is not enabled on the number/device, therefore CSFB is needed.
  • The carrier’s 3G service is deployed on a band or technology that the phone does not support, or it technically supports, but broken.

Likely scenario 2:

  • Bad carrier provision, which resulted in non-standard signaling behavior that happens to be not supported by this device, or its specific baseband software version.

Since no specific carrier or device model is mentioned, no cross-testing of various carriers and devices has been performed, we can only guess now.

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Hi Tom, thanks very much for this feedback. I should have been specific with the devices and carriers so apologies for that.

My phone = iPhone 7

My SIM/carrier = Belong (Telstra) in Australia

Test phone = iPhone 6, iPhone XS (both successful in making calls with Belong SIM)

Test SIM = Telstra, Optus (both successful in making calls with my iPhone 7)


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The other tester phone that you’re using, is that an iPhone 7 as well? I know reception can vary from not only between different carriers, but also different devices. And usually iPhones are pretty good when they change from one carrier to another compared to android because they sell the same variant for just about every carrier vs android which will have a few different variants per model for each carrier.

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What is the model of the phone? it should say on the back. Apple has a service free to iphone 7s that have the no service issue. For instance, I have an a1660, which is affected by the defect. They will repair it for free if it meets the criteria

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Thanks Dylan, good option. I had a look and my phone isn't on that model list unfortunately.


@nobuo aww. Thats too bad. Hope you find a solution.


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