MacBook Pro blank screen, no external monitor, computer is running

My Macbook Pro (15”, bought in 2019, touchbar, retina) screen started glitching and then the computer froze. On reboot the screen is black. External monitor black too. ESC on the touchbar and caps lock key lights up.

I held down right Shift, left Control and Option for 7 seconds, then added the power button for another 7 seconds, then let go of all 4 keys.

Turned the computer on and screen worked, and I was on the “forgot your password” recovery screen. Exited, turned it on, and black screen?!?!?!

Did the 14 second thing again, turned it on, black screen.

Should have got Apple Care, any suggestions?


I am turning it on, waiting a few seconds, typing in my password, but the computer does not show on my lan. Usually the password prompt is very quick, but the computer seems to be slow to load (based on Caps Key and touch bar lighting up). If I'm in that recovery screen with no way to see the screen, how can I get out of it? If I can start the macbook normally I can log in and maybe turn on remote desktop, which would suffice for this week

Turning off the computer and then hitting the caps lock key starts it up again. I must be in some recovery mode

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Do you have an external display which you can hook up to your system?

Let's see if you get something on it.


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