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A touchscreen e-reader by Amazon with silent page-turning buttons and auto-adjusting backlight, released October 21, 2014.

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Removing Back on Voyage - Now 6 years old

I’m attempting to remove the back on my Voyage in order to replace the battery. The videos from iFixit and others toss off removing the back as just sliding it down. That isn’t working on my now venerable Voyage (they were made when it was new). I’ve tried unsealing the side seam by running an iFixit triangular plastic shim, but am not having much luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get the back off without busting the device. I assume the age is the problem with the seams welding shut.

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Don’t be fooled by the “easy” for an old Kindle.

Using my iFixit kit I was able to pry the back loose and successfully replace the battery. Both the case adhesive and the battery adhesive had hardened. It took about 20 minutes of prying very carefully to free them. I could readily have broken the whole thing.

I’ve answered my own question because I received no replies.

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About to try replacing the battery in a Kindle Voyage after sourcing the battery in the UK. Will be careful in my attempts to take the cover off. Thanks.


Well, this really helped us. Thank you!


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I also had a lot of difficulty sliding the back off of my voyage. I was eventually able to slide the front and back apart by placing my palms flat on the front and back of the device, and slowly sliding the pieces apart with my hands braced between my knees to keep them steady. The battery in mine had swollen considerably and was pushing the screen off the front. I think that may also be why it was so hard to open.

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