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The truck has a new exterior profile taking styling cues from the 2014 model year 4Runner SUV and the 2014 model year Tundra pickup and features a much more aggressive and masculine look, with a larger grill and new projector beam headlamps.

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Problems with radio on 2019 Tacoma

Replaced original radio with a pioneer that at first would freeze up or stop working and then would work good for a day or two, now will not work at all. Have had it looked at by three different radio techs that can not find anything wrong with radio or connections. The most recent tech suggested it might be a ground that came loose somewhere on the truck itself and someone knowing the routing of the wireing could figure it out? Any suggestions

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Remove the radio get your self a working diagram and wire. Maybe some instructions and a soldering iron and don't right from scratch and if it still happens then new deck.

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