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The BLU Vivo XL was released in January 2016 as part of BLU's budget line of smartphones.

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Why is my USB not getting detected

When I plug on my Blu Vivo XI+ into my laptop It can be charged but the file transfer function isn't working, it's not showing up like it did on my other phones

I also can't turn on USB tethering and I can't connect it to screen mirroring apps.

The only mirroring app that came close to working is scrcpy

When using the program scrcpy it showed up a message on my phone saying allow USB debugging but when I pressed allow it didn't work and the message didn't pop up in any of my attempts after.

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Did try another cable with your phone or your cable with another phone?


Ok just got another cable and it worked, thank you.


@mylese0 I will repost my comment as an answer below, can you accept it as a solution please otherwise the system will not count it on my profile, thank you.


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Hello, did try another cable with your phone or your cable with another phone?

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