Induction cooker causing overload while making strange noise

When it is turned on it makes a strange noise and then causes the inverter to overload (we are on solar). When coil is disconnected, it turns on normal, but when you go to cook something it shows PCB error. Here is video of the sound it makes: Anyone know if it is a capacitor problem? or something else they can tell from that noise? Thanks. I am capable of desoldering and replacing any components as needed… This is the product I have: and it’s 2.5 years old. This problem has occurred after not using it over the winter and then going to use it again. No visible damage inside.

Block Image

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Hi @dg7777777

Check for any possible "dry solder" and inspect the capacitor, it should not leak or have cracks.

You may also wish to check on the IBGT transistors too.


Thanks for the reply. Is there more than one IGBT? I took out the one connected to the heat sink and I think it is damaged (after testing it with diode function on multimeter). What is the 4 pronged one next to it? Any link to how to test it too? Thanks


Hi @dg7777777

Suggest you to upload more pictures and let us have a look.

Well it depends,

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adding image now..


the 4 pin looks like a bridge rectifier,

you might need to unscrew as the model could be located behind.

3 pin is lgbt from infineon


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