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A 21 inch HP flat LCD display.

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I need replacement lcd screen

Need entire LCD assembly. Have tried everywhere I know

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In many monitors - especially older ones, the cost of the part tends to be more then a newer monitor since it can be hard to find a working used replacement. With these along with component scarcity, you also have CCFL issues with many of these displays being near the end of their life in terms of the backlight.

Your best bet is to get a modern 24” display with VGA and HDMI - HDMI can be adapted to work over DVI since it’s pin compatible without audio support.

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Hi @rabbitbackker ,

just to add the the above answer, if you're really desperate to get a replacement display assembly for this monitor, check for a part number on the back of the LCD panel itself and search online using the part number only. You may be lucky

The HP PartSurfer site doesn't list the display assembly in the parts list for the monitor.


@jayeff I don't hold my breath after 5 years - usually not easy. May be possible to find a donor with other issues - especially if you can find the service mode and confirm low hours on the panel.

I just don't see the point to non HDMI displays anymore, since it's basically the same port with audio. Pass on DVI, get a cable to adapt it and future proof yourself properly. Different ballgame used since time moved on from DVI so soon. Pack a bidirectional DVI to HDMI to cater to legacy users and put HDMI on the monitor!

Even with projectors I have the same grief - if it's older fine but if it's made within the past 5 years seriously? It just comes off as a cheap move to dump old boards. Sorry, not sorry. If it's from 2015 or newer, no excuse other then a overstock of parts you overproduced and want gone.

You can't fix the problem without an adapter, but if someone buys a new monitor you can educate them on why new DVI/VGA monitors are a cheap move to get rid of old boards since you have 18-24 months of old stock. It's one of those issues where if you're loaded yeah let's see what's out there now OR if you aren't/like the monitor, find an adapter.


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