iSight camera boards to USB hack help?

I have two old iSight cameras pulled from MacBook Pros (camera Boards 820-2280-A, and 821-1217-A, I think) that I’m trying to splice the cables out to USB so I can use them as USB cameras.

I’ve splice the cables from the boards and am trying to figure out the which wire is which to solder to a USB cable.

I’ve watched YouTube videos like this:

And have read through blog posts like this:

Everyone talks about how determining the GRND wire is the easiest, and yet I’m already stuck at this easy step number 1.  In continuity mode of my multimeter, I connect the GND to the holes of the board and test each wire with the positive to find the single wire for continuity…….yet every single wire is giving me a beep of continuity. This is happening for both boards.  So what the heck is going on here? What am I doing wrong? Admittedly I’m fumbling around with very little actual electrical knowledge, but I can’t seem to get this easy first step….

Guidance anyone?

Thank you

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Block Image

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