No power after backlight and bivert installation...

I recently installed a backlight kit and a bivert board (compact version) in my 1989 Game Boy DMG. Before install, the device powered up, but I had vertical lines in the screen, which I intended to fix after installing the backlight and bivert board.

I’ve finished installing the backlight and bivert board, but now, the device won’t power up at all. No red power light, no backlit screen.

Has anyone else ever had this trouble? Is it possible that I ruined or disconnected another pin that would affect power while soldering the bivert board in place?

Prior to my install:

  • Device powered up without trouble
  • Buttons were responsive
  • Connector pins were solid; no trouble with reading games
  • Vertical lines on the left and right of screen
  • I cleaned up what corrosion I could find on the motherboard and in the battery casing

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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