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Acer Predator Helios 300, released 2018, identifiable by several model numbers. Most guides should apply to all models.

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How can I reset my BIOS password? (Intel BIOS)

Almost 2 years ago(In 2018) I bought Helios 300. At that time I set BIOS password and year after I forgot password. How can I reset it.

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if the bios is locked down with password, you can try shorting the cmos. remove the cmos battery and short the plus and minus pins together. depending on the security of the bios, this may or may not work.

if it does not, youll want to find the latest version of the bios for your system, remove the 8 pin dim ic (eeprom) and reflash it by erasing and rewriting the firmware. youll require a eeprom reader/writer for this…inexpensive tool.

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