Dropped XPS 13 - Torx T5 mounting post broke - replacement palmrest?

Hi all

Crap day for me. Dropped my XPS 13 9350 whilst it was balancing on something onto a carpet floor. The lid was open and it was on.

The power button does not rest in the correct place anymore and the laptop switches on/off when I open close the lid as the power button gets pushed

It appears one of the Torx T5 mounting posts has broken off



Therefore I am looking for a replacement palmrest.

I need a DJ64X for my 9350.

However, some sources tell me that PCCX7 from the 9360 fits as well?

Can anyone help me out?

Thank you very much

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Hi @shivp ,

Did you try just searching for DJ64X?


Hi @jayeff

Yes of course, however my primary question is whether PCCX7 will fit from 9360



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