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Released in 2015, the ASUS X540s is a 15.6-inch laptop that comes with an onboard graphics processing system capable of outputting HDMI video.

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Why is my laptop always turning off

So i have this Asus Vivobook X540U it runs on Windows 10 I have been using this for three years i dont really know it just shuts down when im playing a game even tho its fully charged the fans are loud but the air coming from the vents are not even that hot even the keyboard is not that hot

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It may be a heat problem that you can’t feel…I got to say if you can feel the heat from the fans then that part is doing what it is supposed to be doing, if you can’t then it may be blocked.

If the fans are loud then that tells me something is hot and the pc/laptop is trying to cool it down, if it cannot cool it down then it will shut it down to preserve the computer hardware. If it is a laptop then I suggest buying a can of air and blowing it out, also buy a laptop table with inbuilt fan really helps keep them cool and efficient, they are only around $20 and if this is happening only when you are playing this game then I would say it is a heat issue

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Hello Alvin

You could try these programs to see if the problem is temperature:

Core temp. It is a simple application that monitors the temperature on any PC.

The other much more complete option is MSI Afterburner. With this you can even put the temperature on the screen (in a corner for example) to see the temperature in real time. It shows the temperature and performance of different components, such as CPU or GPU.

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