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Can I use a 150W+ GPU on a 25W PCIe slot + the 4/6pin PCIe PSU cable?

I have a PCIe slot on my motherboard with a 25W power limit and I want to add either an RX 570 4GB (~150W) or a Radeon HD 7950 3GB 3GB (~200W), I’m not yet sure which one, but most likely the RX 570. I won’t be switching my motherboard or PC due to costs so that’s not an option (please don’t suggest this). I want to connect the GPU to the 25W PCIe slot and use the 4/6pin (or whatever) PCIe connector from the PSU. Would the 4/6pin cable provide the extra 50W needed that the PCIe slot isn’t giving and allow it to boot and function normally? Or would the GPU be expecting 75W from the PCIe slot and not work even if the 4/6pin cable is providing enough power to cover the rest of the GPU’s TDP?


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@lordvader66 … youll want to change your power supply. your wanted graphics card upgrade requires 150w. if youre power supply only pushes 25w on the 4 pin and 50w on the 6 pin… you said it, its only supplying 75w. your card will try and pull the extra current through from your under rated power supply. youre either going to burn up your power supply and/or damage your graphics card when it does burn/short out.

i would double check your power supplies specs, list your model here and apply ohms law to figure out what youre really able to push out.

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@jostewcrew My power supply is fine, it’s the PCIe slot on the motherboard that only has 25W. The PC itself has over 1000W and it’s just the slot that’s limited. I’m using a dedicated 375W power supply for just the GPU and nothing else. So what I’m wondering is if the 4/6 pin on the power supply will provide the additional 50W that the PCIe slot on the motherboard isn’t or if the GPU won’t work without the expected 75W of the motherboard’s PCIe slot even if the PSU’s 4/6 pin connector is providing enough. So it has the capability of providing the full 150W, just not 75W from the motherboard, the 4/6 pin can provide the 125W + 25W from the motherboard but I’m not sure the GPU would accept that since it’s getting less power than expected from the motherboard but more from the 4/6pin. Thanks


oh ok...dont know why i got hung up in the power supply specifically....but the principle is the same. your circuit for your pcie is rated for a particular wattage/current flow. this includes the components on this circuit as well as the pathways for the current to flow.

if you over load the current with additional voltage by inserting a card that will try and attempt to pull this through the ill eqquiped circuit, again...either you will burn up your traces, components, board and/or card.


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