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Acer entered the world of laptop computers in 1997 when it purchased Texas Instruments' mobile PC division.

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Aspire V3-571G can not boot

I have an Acer Aspire V3-571G. Since a year ago, It could not boot up from Sleep mode (repeatedly restart) unless I change RAM’s slot. Then I disabled Sleep option and used Hibernate, but now it can not boot up from Hibernate and Shutdown also. Recently I have changed its keyboard.

current situation:

it can not boot even after shutdown, but if I change RAM slot (2 * 4GB), it boots successfully.

I tried to boot it with just a SSD drive and RAMs (Keyboard, Touchpad, Wifi removed) and failed.

I also changed RAM with no success.

I have full access to my laptop and seeks repair options.

Can anyone help?

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Bespaar door het te repareren met een alles-in-één kit.

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Although the Sleep and Hibernate options are configurable in the Settings app, a computer that cannot boot up from Shutdown cannot boot up at all.

I’m not sure if you are saying that your computer is functioning poorly, or that it’s completely “dead” and won’t turn on.

Please help me understand - what tasks are you trying to accomplish with your computer, and what exactly is the computer doing that is blocking you from finishing your work?

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I edited the question


If your computer boots when you use one of the RAM slots, but does not boot when you use the other, then your options are to either exchange the motherboard or continue using the working slot. Motherboards are generally regarded as “field replaceable units”, which means that if one part of the motherboard isn’t working, we replace the whole board.


It does not work unless I change slots. It means I put RAM A(being in slot A) to slot B and RAM B to slot A. I also test it with single RAM does not boot until I change its slot.

It is very strange to me.


You are right, that is strange. It's even stranger if both RAM sticks are identical and made by the same manufacturer. However, troubleshooting usually involves the goal of making the computer complete a task, and it looks like you did that already by putting the RAM in the right slots.


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