Does anyone know what’s the burnt chip in the pics?


My iMac failed to power on. It smelled like it was burning so I unplugged it from its UPS. I plugged it onto another outlet and heard a pop and saw sparks coming out of the vent. I opened it up hoping it was the power supply so it would be an easy fix, but found this burnt chip in the middle of the board. Any ideas as to what it is and if it’s something worth replacing? Thanks!

Block Image

Block Image

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A tantalum capacitor has failed!

Sadly, I don't have the schematics for this series, so I can't tell you what its value is.


@danj Thanks Dan! Now I have something to start from. l'll try and find the schematics. I can see like a "51" on the pic, but I scraped the burned part and can't see it anymore. Thanks again!


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