How can I diagnose a dispenser not Cooling and heating water

Why could be wrong if the machine isn't cooling and heating at the same time

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What is the make and model number of the water dispenser?

Have you verified that there is power connected to the dispenser?

What have you checked?


It gets powered but then water comes out as you have put it in


@atuhutrire alison

What is the make and model number please?


Mika water dispenser

Model no. Wd96hc20asg


@atuhutrire alison

I can't find a service manual or a schematic for the model but if it cools and heats it must have a compressor and evaporator unit to cool the water and a heater element to heat the water and they must be in two separate tanks inthe dispenser.

Since it is not doing either you need to check if there is power available at the control board that would control both the cooling and heating function.

Sorry to be so vague but without a schematic it would be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.


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