Why is the motorized power nozzle brush no longer spinning?

So the brush on my DC35 motorized power nozzle doesn’t spin anymore. It’s not jammed, and there’s actually no voltage at the nozzle motor whatsoever, nor at the accessory connector on the vacuum motor assembly itself if I detach the power nozzle. The vacuum itself seems to work fine, though at the same time I noticed that the green light around the “max” button no longer lights (but max mode still works - weird).

This is all coincident on me taking apart the power nozzle to clean it, and when I put it back together it no longer worked. So of course I thought I had done something to the nozzle, but signs are pointing to the control boards themselves.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

One related question: does anyone have any idea how the control board is sensing when a motorized attachment is connected? It must be doing so, because when one is attached it won’t go into max mode even when selected (I’m assuming that’s too big of a power draw to do both max suction and drive a motorized brush simultaneously).

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