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The DeLonghi ESAM family of products is a line of automatic coffee machines for making lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, and other drinks. Look for the model number ESAMxxxx on a sticker on the back or bottom of the device.

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Delonghi Perfecta ESAM 5400 Steam or Hot water not being produced

Block Image

(the loose connection was me taking it apart)

The hot water steam function is not currently working and I am suspicious of the solenoid. All the hoses are free of blockages and look clean. Hot water comes out of the “in” hose if I unclip it but nothing comes out of the “out” hose side of the solenoid if i unclip that hose (once i’ve reconnected the “in”!). Does it sound likely that the solenoid is the issue? Is there a way to test without ordering a replacement?

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I have an ECAM model with the same valve and same problem. Remove the valve, remove the solenoid by removing the top nut, remove the solenoid actuator the rinse out any material blocking the valve base. That was my problem. If the solenoid coil is no longer working they can be readily bought online.

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Thanks Geoff, i forgot to return to this post after fixing it but it was indeed the solenoid coil. Easy fix in the end

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