Amazon Echo Bud. Left bud operation, right bud dead

I am nearly positive that the right echo bud is absolutely toast. It went through a complete wash cycle before discovery -_-

I tried drying it out and got near total function back, but it would no longer charge in the case. I begrudgingly accepted this for a time as there were no repair options available through amazon and I could no longer rationalize the replacement cost. I went on with just the left functioning bud until amazon pushed a firmware update. I foolishly followed their instructions (forgetting for a time the deceased right bud) and proceeded to unpair and attempt to re-pair the case per amazon’s advice to update.

Now I am unable to pair the buds. I believe these are the pertinent factors:

  1. right earbud is at least incapable of holding a charge, possibly incapable of charging
  2. the case and the left bud are assumed to be in good working order
  3. The case can be actively charged
  4. with only the left bud set in the case, the indicator light is either solid or flashing green (charging/full charge)
  5. with either the right bud only or both buds set in the case, the indicator flashes red, indicating error or critical battery
  6. assumed bluetooth pairing of the buds is dependent on both buds having an acceptable level of charge, being set in the case, and the case button depressed to elicit the flashing blue indicator
  7. the above process does not proceed despite the case being left on the charger for days (flashing red indicator still in effect)

I have tried to search both this site and elsewhere for teardowns or repairs for the right bud. The one article I found on the site did not go into great detail how to crack the bud housing (I have tried running a razorblade along the seam, but I’m hesitant to apply too much pressure)

I acknowledge that my situation is looking desperate, I would like to attempt to restore functional use of the left bud if possible, and both if I’m too dream wildly. I will not replace the right bud as I would rather return to over the head headphones or search for a more repairable bud in the future.

Thanks all.

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