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Repair guides and support for LED, LCD, HD and other Vizio TVs.

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Vizio television randomly shuts off? Recently screeched and shut off?

2 different issues regarding my TV. It is a Vizio Smart TV, model E55-C1. Since about the second or third year of owning it, it randomly shuts off when using the TV apps, mainly Netflix. Figured it could be a power issue, but because it happens infrequently, I don’t worry about it. Recently, it started screeching while I was watching Netflix, and it was so bad I shut it down and unplugged it before testing it out again. Any ideas of what is happening?

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I also have a problem with my 55inch Vizio turning off on its own or Error S-----Never had a problem with any Vizio like this one in the 20 plus years I have owned a Vizio. Also , I cannot find any power button or any buttons on the side(s) or back of my TV--strange


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try factory reset to avoid any software bugs. If still same problem may be some bulge or broken capacitor (usual after some years). see Repairing an LCD Display with failed capacitors

or look in google images/youtube for replace failed capacitors. Now open TV and see if you can see any leaks (like dark liquid). In ifixit forums also there are tons of people fixing by soldering.

Open TV and add picture to this post.

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