Why does my 2002 Yukon feel like there is a constant drag?

I have a 2002 GMC Yukon 4.8 L 2 wheel drive that feels like I'm driving a ski boat while towing a house. I have done new tires, ball joints, tie rods, pitman and idler arm, Shocks U-joint pretty much whole front end including most recent steering gearbox replacement. I am a basket case over this and I do not feel safe driving it. I have taken it to multiple licensed and certified shops plus even called in some old-school backyard mechanics. Everyone around me keeps telling me a car hypochondriac but I'm telling you it feels like something's about to break, kind of like a rubber band getting ready to snap. Has anyone else had issues like this with any of their Yukons or is it just me ? Every time I drive it takes me a good hour to wind down afterwards and the next day my hands ache from white-knuckling it the whole time.

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