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Released December 2005, digital audio player of 60 GB capacity, built-in recordable FM radio tuner.

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Flash Retromodding - SSD Installation?

Much like the Ipod Classic conversions that are gaining traction, has anyone performed an SSD Conversion with the Zen Vision M’s?

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I converted mine several years ago.

I used a converter cable and CF card.

I gained about 2 gb of extra room, it ran faster and the battery lasted a lot longer.

I have since moved on to an ipod classic, the Zen Vision M was a much better product.

Creative gave up on the mp3 player game though, everyone (but me) has a smartphone that can stream nowadays.

I can’t make myself pay a monthly subscription to a music service.

Why rent when you can own.

I have two of these players and the Cambridge soundworks dock if you are interested in buying.

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Thanks for the reply - Do you recall what cable you used (ZIF to CF?)? I’ve attempted to do the conversion with a 30GB Creative Zen Vision M with a Compact Flash card but had very little luck.


It looks exactly like the one I linked below, I don't remember it costing that much. It was several years ago though. The CF card was harder to find at the time.

It was a plug and play switch, install the parts install firmware and load it with music.


I will definitely try this out. Thanks!


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As of right now I used a iFlash and a 128gb Micro SD card, Creative’s Last Firmware (1.62.02), and a Old Laptop Running XP (seriously, easiest way to flash the firmware). Follow instruction about SD Formatting for use on the iFlash HD replacement (totally a cool product for Ziff HD replacements). Then install in the Creative Zen Vision (got to be firm with the Ziff connection into the iFlash), using the old XP Laptop then flash the firmware (I had to do it twice, failed the first time). So far other then the battery is old and worn down, its working great. Probably going to pick up another to give as a gift or sell. I enjoy rebuilding older tech that still works.

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Could you explain how to do this, please? I'm using an old Windows XP, an iFlash Quad with an iFlash 4th Gen iPod Converter, a Sandisk 128GB micro SD formatted to FAT32, but I keep getting "Harddisk Problem" on the Zen.


The zif/hdd cable needs to have the contacts facing up when inserting into the iflash or you don't have it seated well enough. I had to trim a bit on the sides to get it to fit.


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I have. 120GB Kingston mSATA SSD and ZIF to mSATA adapter. It works but I had issues. Basically you had to reload the firmware after a day of usage or several turn on/turn offs. Not practical. Either the firmware itself did not like the setup or the SSD + adapter was not secured enough so that movement might have triggered a failure. But since copying music onto it was hit and miss I assume it wasn’t a technical problem. The SSD runs fine in my laptop.

I use a Toshiba MK1011GAH HDD now and the 100GB have already massively upgraded the life of my ZEN Vision:M. The real problem is the battery. It only lasts 4-5 hours. 3rd party batteries are a tricky fit. They’re not as thin as the originals.

My players runs daily since 2007. I love it and I carry it with me everywhere regardless of my phone.

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You may use m.2 mini or msata SSD is much faster . You will get a slot of like laptop follow this step

1) open the back cover.

2)you will get a slot

3install gentaly or the slot will break

4) reboot you ipod

See have it worked.


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It is not because of frameware it has a reason the SSD you are use d Ram which is not compatible with the device and lower power the SSD will not working use a best on any web to find ipod compatible ssds ors you best choice


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