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Repair guides for smartwatches produced by Polar.

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MicroUSB for Polar A370?

The microUSB connector of my my Polar A370 is broken.

When I’ve contacted Polar Support asking about how to adquire as spare, the only option they do is sending the wristband for a repair, which will be expensive cause is not in guarantee period, and really I know how to replace the conncetor.

So I’m looking for the conector, and any information about will be well received! (:

Thanks and regards!

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The issue is pins of external side of the connector are completely ‘destroyed’ , and charging is not possible

Internal side including flex seems in good condition. Really I don’t have skill or equipment to solder this kind of components, but inside A370 main elements are easy to manipulate cause are inserted, not welded.

I’ve thought about a faulty watch, but I didn’t find any option. Probably A360 and A370 connectors are identical, but I’m not sure.


I have a Polar a370 too and I was wondering how you got your watch open. I took out the screws but I can’t seem to open it.


Cause it's sealed by means of any silicone or glue for being water proof, any lever and force is required


I was able to open up my Polar a370, but I'm having problems getting it back together. Have you been able to get your watch back together?


I didn't try, due to I didn't find a replacement for the USB connector, I couldn't charge it and died...


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Wow, this connector sure is special. What seems to be the issue with the connector?

If the flex is torn, it might be possible to solder it (deeper soldering skills required). Other than that, getting a faulty watch of the same kind as a donor might be a way to go for you?!

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