Audio Problems. Which chip should I order.

So my audio seems dead.

If I try to record a video the app hangs.

If I try to play a game, or Netflix no audio.

But if I connect to a blue tooth speaker or even cast to my TV there is audio on both the blue tooth and the TV.

I used to be able to make phone calls from Samsung watch via blue tooth but now I cant.

The phone can make calls and I can answer calls but No audio.

I have narrowed it down to two ICs. Its either the MAX98512 or the 9896B

Let me know what you think.

Also is there anyway to figure out why this IC fails. ?.

Maybe hooking my phone up to a cheap amp via the earphone jack did this.

Funny thing everything else works on the phone.

I did a hard re-set and I tried every trick or tip posted. But feels its a hardware problem.

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