My RX 480 has a lot of flashing artifacts in many games and applicatio

I have a Powercolor RX 480 and a Ryzen 7 1700x. It boots into the OS fine with no graphical problems, but in most games and some regular applications i get small black/white rectangles flashing on the screen in a weird regular grid. frames are fine, but it shows up when windowed, even shows up when game capturing. i think it might have something to do with continuous load, but i'm really not sure. please help, thank you. i fresh installed windows, tried a game on an external hard drive, it happened with nearly all games. i've installed all of the drivers for the gpu (even old drivers). Everything else works fine and as i've said it seems to be an internal issue because it appears on the screen recording and windowed.

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What is the make and model number of the PC or the motherboard if a custom build?

What is the computer's PSU power output rating?

Try using this PSU calculator to ensure that it is capable of supplying all the power necessary for your computer setup. The GPU card specs recommend at least 350W but this may also depend on what else you have installed on the motherboard

Are the motherboard's BIOS and chipset drivers the latest versions?

Just some thoughts.


@jayeff Hi there, I have a Gigabyte A320M-S2H with a 550w power supply. Wattage calculator estimates 374w. So I definitely have enough power. Already had the latest drivers for the CPU, Motherboard and GPU.

Thanks for your help.


Hi @Max N

If possible have you tried the GPU card's different output connection types to check if it is the same on all output types or even a different monitor to prove it in or out of the PC? Not sure if this is what you meant when you said "... appears on the screen recording and windowed".


@jayeff Hi there, i've tried it with 3 different monitors to no effect (with different cables). Sorry if i didn't clarify what i meant, when recording game footage the artifacts stay in the recorded footage (even when viewed with different devices).

Thank you for you help.


Hi @Max N

Can only think now that you may have to try a different similarly spec'd GPU card and check if the problem is in the card or the motherboard.


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