water damage indicator checking

hello for all wish you all nice day please can you tell how I can know if my iphone 8 plus has water damage i see some topics saying from the sim try slot and other said from motherboard can you please tell me how i can know using both methods ???

note : I attached an 8 plus motherboard tell me please where is the indicator

Block Image


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Can you take a close up picture of the top left side of the board were the antennas connect please


And a picture of the other side of the board


@barriphone finally some one reply I was waiting since 10 hours this picture is just for information I want to know how I can determine if it has water damage or not please explain the method for me sir


You need to take the board out and physical inspect it for corrosion. Check and see if it's been wet. Was water inside the phone. Pull off the black coveralls and check under them. The water Mark's don't really mean anything. If you have high humidity it can cause them to turn red. The only way to tell in to physical inspect it.


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