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Released June 2009 / 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Charger light turns ON when battery indicator ribbon disconnected

I was replacing the DC-In Board connector and when I put everything back I notice the charger light turns ON but turns off when I connected the battery indicator ribbon. The battery is a replacement battery if that makes any difference? (Though this worked fine beforehand)

Also there’s nothing showing up at all on screen. I have not screwed in all the screws yet, but would this make a difference? Any help much appreciated

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You’ll need to replace the battery checker as it has a short in it (liquid damaged) Unibody MacBook Pro 15" Battery Indicator Board, Apple P/N 922-9033

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Some of the 15” MacBook pros' need the bottom installed to boot. They have fingers that are compressed and make contact. If you are saying the indicator on the side is interfering with charging, that is surprisingly common. You can leave it disconnected if need be.

Also, AVOID the cheap batteries on eBay and Amazon. They are garbage and just waste your time. Good luck.

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Max - Never encountered that!

There is no electrical or mechanical interconnection's between the bottom cover and the uppercase which controls anything.


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