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Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and improved PSVR performance.

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PS4 Pro won’t power on, roach infested

I got a deal that was to good to be true on OfferUp and didn’t do my do diligence and ended up with a roach infested PS4 Pro that won’t power on. I’m treating the roaches to a outdoor triple bagged garbage bag sauna with alcohol covered paper towel fumes so nothing should be alive in the system in about 24 hours.

What I’m wondering is next steps. I’m going to break it down and clean it out first but if it’s not powering now what are the chance that just getting the dead roaches and poop out will fix it? Assuming it doesn’t, it sounds like the most likely problem is a shorted power supply. If that doesn’t work what’s the next likely spot the roaches killed? Just trying to map out a plan for how to fix it.

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Bag that thing and roach bomb it first!! You don’t need to take it apart for this part since the goal is to bomb as many as you can before exposing them and seeing how many survived - DO THIS IN A OPEN SPACE; NOT YOUR HOUSE/APARTMENT! After you roach bomb it, then you’ll need to take everything apart and clean each part individually. Make sure you take the DVD drive apart and clean that separately, along with the lasers. The problem with roaches and the PS4 DVD drive is they hide in there, and the lasers get dirty. You may need to replace the DVD drive. IT WILL SMELL MUSTY; don't ask how I know. Greased Lightning Classic will get rid of the smell with no problems, but only use it on metal and plastics. The main thing it does is it removes the smell so the roaches come back. Do this now, or it’ll become infested again.

After you clean the rest of it up, it’s probably a power supply issue so I’d start there. Roaches seem to love the PS4 power supply, so focus on that first to see if the issue is deeper than something simple. Yes, you may be able to clean the power supply, but I would not recommend even trying. They usually touch a capacitor and kill themselves, and it’s dangerous if you aren’t careful.

If it’s not coming back with a clean motherboard or a new power supply the roaches killed it in such a way you’re not going to be able to easily fix it. In addition, almost all shops will tell you no and refuse to service it.

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