Which camera module for G930W8 (canadian S7 with Exynos mainboard)?

I have a G930W8. There is a scratch in the lens of the main (back) camera. It still works but the image is marred badly.

Samsung s7 has two camera versions as far as I know: ISOCELL (Samsung) and IMX260 (sony) and you must replace the camera in accordance with the one your phone came with. The camera in my G930W8 is labeled sony IMX260, and the phone’s devices list indicates the camera is an IMX260.

I have bought three different Sony IMX260 cameras from three different sellers, and even an ISOCELL camera just to be certain, and none of them worked. If I connect them I get “camera failed” and not only does the back camera not work, the front camera stops working as well. By contrast, if I reconnect the old damaged camera, it works (and the front camera as well.)

I am not sure what I’m dealing with here. Do I have the wrong camera type, or is there potentially something wrong with the mainboard? Thanks.

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