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The Polaroid SLR 680 camera is a single-lens reflex camera with built-in electronic sonar autofocus and flash.

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SLR 680 unresponsive when loaded with 600 color film pack. -RESOLVED

New to me Polaroid SLR 680 is unresponsive after loading a 600 color film pack. How to unload the film pack to check battery and camera contacts ? I heard one click sound in series of eight button presses, but otherwise no noticeable response from camera. Film pack bought at Best Buy. Camera is in good condition, clean, no dirt, all range of motion parts OK.

WOW ! Camera just now responded after I gave it a few light side blows into the palm of my other hand. Focus operated, then flash, then film ejection, all functions seem nominal.

This is consistent with my hunch that the camera contacts were oxidized from a long period of inactivity. The jarring motion side to side may have ground the contacts back and forth just enough to restore electrical functioning. Hope this experience can help someone else with a similar problem.

Regards, Observatory, Principal Investigator, Northport Science Observatory, Michigan, 49670

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Fortunately your camera works at last. Symptoms may have one of these reasons: either battery contacts within camera need cleaning (occurs very seldom!). Use cotton swab moisted with isopropyl alcohol to clean both copper coloured contacts at their top; carefully bend them slightly towards top of camera without touching mirror. Alternately battery contacts in film pack may be covered by oxide or salt-like crust of electrolyte.

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Thanks, Hans, your response corroborates my thinking here. A bit of black shoe cream from Meltonian applied to the old leather did wonders for this almost forty year old camera and we’re back in action.


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