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Dishwasher by Bosch identifiable by the model number SHU5315UC-06 or SHU5315UC/06.

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Arms not turning but water coming out

I have a Bosh dishwasher SMS63E32GB the arms are clean and clear they wont turn but water is coming out can anyone help

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2 Antwoorden

Is the top spout clogged with gunk? if you dont know then just unscrew the arms and see if theres food and crap in it and if not check the pores of the arms and see if thats clogged with food just had a similar problem on my dishwasher.

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You say water is coming out…how much? Perhaps it’s not enough to drive the arms around, as they are driven by water squirting out of the holes. If the water flow from the pump is partially blocked, that could be it. Clean the filters at the bottom of the machine. Also be sure the arms are not blocked by some object hanging down below the racks. This has happened to me a couple of times. Arms turn easily by hand when door is open, but closing the door moves something or other that then impacts the wash arms.

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