Nikon 1 S1 display dark when shooting

It seems the Nikon 1 (I have the S1) lenses have a problem, when they don’t get used for a while, the aperture does not open anymore. Whether it is the aperture leafs getting stuck, a contact problem with the body, or anything like that, it seems to happen to all of them. I surmise this is why Nikon stopped producing or repairing this series.

I am still trying to find out if there is an aftermarket repair at a reasonable cost, or there is another reason.

In my case I have already cleaned the contacts on the body and lenses 10-27.5 and 30-110, and have blown the dust and other things out of the outside contact ports.

But until now no difference, which is why I will buy a new battery to try that out.

The last choice is to get Nikon or another repair shop to look at the lenses and the body.

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