3DS XL powers on, blue light is on, but doesn’t boot up (CFW)

So what I’ve done is I modded my 3DS before, using this guide https://youtu.be/hqrrFnpale0 yes, video guides get outdated quickly and I should of known sooner. The 3DS region was originally in Japanese, but I changed the region to US. This is the video I used https://youtu.be/0STmuL_vA_s a day later, I formatted my system thinking CFW would be gone too, instead using the same video guide (the first one) to mod the 3DS. In the B9S installation part that’s when my 3DS wouldn’t boot up anymore. Before trying to boot up Luma, I pressed the home button after installing B9S and it showed me the pop up if I was sure I wanted to quit the software. I powered it off without pressing B nor A. (Does doing this cause a problem?) I’ve tried removing the SD card, formatted it, and I dissassembled the 3DS to reconnect the WiFi chip but that didn’t fix it at all. Please give me any suggestions thanks!

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