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I deleted everything in my phone by mistake


I made a mistake by installing Rom on my phone umidigi a5 pro

I chose Format All + Download in sp flash tool by mistake and did not notice it until the end of the process and now my phone is away from the problem of IMEI it does not accept putting a lock to it and it cramps most of the time and a black screen appears, I cannot do anything until I restart it and the same process is returned

please anyone can help me

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Better ask in XDA Forums at . This is site is mostly for hardware help.


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Try to somehow reinstall the whole OS that your phone might be running (which means the right version of Android and for the correct device). If system files are missing, the phone will behave in a strange way.

This isn’t something that could be done easily, so I recommend just going to a repair shop which will most likely do that hard work for you. If they say it isn’t possible, or will require hard work and be very expensive, just buy yourself a new phone.

And remember to never touch the system files! If they are changed, the phone or even any OS won’t work properly!

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