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Repair guides and support for smaller headsets that rest on top of the ear, also known as supra-aural headphones.

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How to remove this part Jabra Evolve 40 Stereo

as in the image it just popped up and ı dont know how the heck just happened

I dont know how to dissamble this part so with that ı have a chance of glue this but ı dont know how to remove or plug this

Block Image

Block Image

Güncelle (28-05-2020)

Block Image

This part the cable connector.

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I also was not able to find answer on this. Then found the solution.

You have to unmount cover of this unit using something thin (i used Victorinox tweezers and knife) in the places i have marked on the picture.

Block Image

And then unscrew 2 screws (T*) i marked on the next picture.

Block Image

Hope it will help!

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