1997 Jeep Wrangler 4 Cylinder - High Idle Carburetor

First cleaned carburetor throat, linkage and area with carburetor and throttle cleaner. Did not help the High Idle.

Took to a mechanic. They replaced the Idle Air Control Valve by mechanic . They hooked to computer and checked codes. Re set. Mechanic supposedly checked all vacuum hoses for leaks, none found! $$$$ Still idles fast!!

I replaced the Throttle Control Sensor - still high idle!! More $$

Does idle normally at about 800 rpm’s for a minute, then after short time jumps up to 1600 rpm’s . Will not return to normal idle. Throttle control returns to stop and cable not sticking or hanging up. If you shut off Jeep for a while and restart it will idle normally for a minute then high again.

Help!! Any suggestions on fix?

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I took the Jeep back to the mechanic. He did further testing and determined that there was a leak in the fuel intake gasket that is causing the higher than normal idle. I am waiting for an estimate $$$ on the fix. Some Jeep owner on you tube said that was the cause of his high idle.


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