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Repair guides and support for vacuums by Dyson, including upright, canister, and handheld vacuums.

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Why is my Dyson DC24 only working on rotating brush?

Halfway through using my DC24 Multi Room, 2 years old, and it suddenly cuts out. Only the brush bar rotation works when the hoover is tilted back for floor use. Checked for blockages, cleaned filters etc. Still only working on brush bar, not main unit.

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If I’m understanding your problem correctly, you are saying that when you turn the vacuum on, nothing happens. Then, when you tilt the handle back, the brush bar turns but nothing else. If this understanding is correct, it means your main motor isn’t working. There is a separate brush bar motor, which is working.

Check out this video:

It shows the disassembly of the DC24 to the removal of the main motor. Pay particular attention starting at 8:00, where he disassembles the brush bar switch and the power harness to the main motor. Make sure nothing has come loose or obvious signs of damage. Then, at 21:00 he starts to remove the motor from the ball.

This video shows installing a replacement main motor:

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