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Founded in 2009, vivo is a Chinese technology company that designs and manufactures smartphones.

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there are vertical colored lines when I open the main camera.

Hello, how about in Vivo V15Pro, its front cam can be elevated. I bought this from Indonesia last year but I am from Ph. I am worried because I am seeing vertical/purple lines through my front cam for months but my rear cam is absolutely fine. Hope someone could help me.

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my cemra nor open


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Hello there!

From the looks of it, it has a problem with the camera lifter. When the camera lifts it probably has a problem with the connection. There is a connection but its corrupted because of bad connection. It could be that it has fallen down or something else.

I hope this helps! :)

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Finger print problem

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Front camera not open

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V15 pro front camera issue


Do you mean it won't open in the camera app, or it won't physically pop up out of the phone housing?


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