Error message when device is turned on.

Hello, I bought a Nintendo Dsi off of eBay and it was not working, I managed to figure out that problem by bridging the F1 fuse. Now the device powers on but I get an error. A blank white screen shows for about a second on both screens before I get an error “ an error has occurred. Press and hold the power button to turn the system off… etc”. Unlike most devices with this issue, they can at least boot to the home screen. Many suggested replacing the WiFi board, this device did not come with a WiFi board so I purchased a new one off eBay, so I am unsure if that is the problem. I checked everything I could find on the board with a multimeter and still have not been able to find anything bad other than the f1 fuse that prevented the DSI from charging. I also noticed the yellow light showing for the WiFi board. Is it possible I just bought a bad board? Looking forward to your responses

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I have the absolute same problem, I ordered a new WiFi card off eBay one week ago and I'm hoping I'll fix it.

Have you found the solution?

In the worst case scenario, I'll buy a new motherboard and replace it


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