MacBook Pro only charging at 60W instead of 96W?


I have a MBP 96W charger, but CoconutBattery and the Power tab of System Information report that it’s only charging at 60W instead of 87W (it’s a MBP 15’)? What could be wrong? Could the cable be capping the charge speed (it’s genuine to the best of my knowledge)? I also remember my 87W reporting properly as 86W under System Management before it broke.

Additionally, the system does not want to boot and just boots to a black screen with fan RPM slowly getting higher and higher when I perform a SMC reset. I have to leave it for ~15 minutes before it actually boots.

Any suggestions or help is much appreciated.

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Are you using the original Apple USB-C cable? Not all USB-C cables are the same! USB-C was supposed to be a universal connector — but it still has a lot of problems


Hello Dan,

To the best of my knowledge, this cable is an original Apple USB-C cable. Is there any way to tell if this is really a genuine cable?

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Is there any way to make sure my charger is genuine too? Also, what does the hanging after a SMC reset mean? Is there a need to worry?


You can review the System Report under About This Mac. Check the USB-C section to see what it says for the charger.


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