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The Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 is a portable speaker with rechargeable battery and remote control. It is compatible with iPod, iPhone, and other MP3 players by auxiliary audio cable.

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Remote works but doesn't control the speaker

The speaker works turn on manually.. Remote works, can see IR thru camera, but doesn't control the speaker at all.

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Have you checked that the speaker’s IR receiving window is not being blocked by something, you didn’t say?

The window is just below where the iPod is inserted.

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There isn't anything blocking the window unless something is on the inside, I haven't opened it up. Also I have 2 of these same models, 1 remote. Won't control original or other unit. Unless they can repair(reconnect)them when a new remote is purchased it should work for both, maybe ? I appreciate your help , if you have any other thoughts......


Hi @Bud McRedeye ,

I don't know, but I can't imagine that the remote has to be matched to the individual speaker for every speaker. That would make it more expensive for the manufacturer. It makes more sense to have the one model remote that works with the one speaker model. After all not too many people , besides you, have two the same speakers that could have problems with two remotes being used in the same area ;-)

It still could be the remote that is faulty as it could be sending a signal that for some reason is not being interpreted by both the speakers. It also seems strange that both exhibit the same problem with the remote. Almost too coincidental to be both the speakers that are at fault.

Unfortunately the only way to prove this is to get a replacement compatible remote.

I assume that the remote is for the speaker and not for another Logitech device?

The user manual shows no model number for the remote but usually they all have one printed on it somewhere. If not on the case then perhaps in the battery compartment.

If you Google the remote model number you may be able to find out what the remote is used for.

Apologies if you definitely know that it belongs with the speaker. I'm only trying to cover all bases.


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