Speaker repeatedly blowing on MBP

For the third time, one side of the speakers on my MBP have broken. It happened when starting up a youtube video, I heard a sort of electrical shortage and then the right side now only plays quietly and trebly. It happened identically the other two times as well, but may have been the left side (cant remember). Apple fixed and replaced the speakers both times previously.

Is there anyone else having this issue repeatedly? Unfortunately, my MBP was water-damaged a few months ago, and the whole top case was replaced by a third party, and Apple will not do any repairs bc there are still small signs of water damage on the bottom case (the third party repair shop said it was minor and fine, Apple just wont touch any oow laptop that has corrosion). I have had the top case replaced multiple times due to keyboard issues as well, so every time the speakers have blown it’s likely been with entirely different parts. Is this a common issue - or is there anything I may be doing to cause this?

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