Why does my 3DS XL keep turning off?

So my old 3DS XL model turned off randomly one day as I was playing it so I tried to turn it on again and the blue light came on but it wouldn’t turn on and then the blue light just turned off. After trying to take the SD card out,attempting to charge the 3DS, I ruled out that it wasn’t a charging issue or anything to do with the SD card slot. Sometimes I can get it to turn on normally but other times it takes a few tries of pressing the power button for it to turn on again..and this usually happens after it turns off on me for no reason.

I read that sometimes with 3DS’s the wi-fi chip can get un-seated if it gets bumped around enough. So, I tried taking the 3DS XL apart and re-seating the wi-fi chip but i’m still having the same issue. I also took a bit of 99% alcohol and cleaned the contact pins on the battery just to rule out that that wasn’t the issue and same thing.

Anyone have any idea what it could be? I also heard that it could have something to do with a ribbon cable and the top screen? any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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